Headed to 100* today

Has anyone else cleared 100* yet? Wow we are on our way! Our weather guy said that the real temp will be about 94* but the "heat index" will be at least 100*.  They've already issued an air quality alert and a "Special Weather Statement" about the heat.

The front garden this morning - this volunteer sunflower is headed up!

This morning was really pleasant tho. I got everyone up and out early so they could take advantage of the cool of the morning. I think our plantings will be OK. Yesterday we had a heck of a storm blow thru and dumped about an inch of rain in about 30 minutes.

A baby apple from one of our espaliered bargain basement trees. 

One note of hilarity - the storm came in from a really weird direction and was upon us suddenly. So I had to drop my tools, grab the dogs, and shove the masses into shelter as fast as I could. Unfortunately yesterday was the first day we put the Second Group of creepy meats outside in the duck yard. The Whole Wide World completely befuddled them and they had no way to get into shelter when the wind blew up. So I had to grab two at a time, one under each arm, "football style" and run them into the hen house. Dog #1 was immensely helpful holding his belly and laughing like heck at me trying to get those chubby little meats to safety.

This first dahlia is winkin' its greeting to all.

Stay safe everyone! Remember to get hose fans going in your barns, and give extra water to the flocks today.  Don't be afraid to turn on a sprinkler in your hen yard to keep your poultry cool.

Parsley about to bloom

Happy Wednesday!

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