What the heck is it?? **Update: Looks like it teasel

 Update: Looks like the verdict is... teasel. Thanks everyone!!!
Anyone have any idea??? I'm guessing its something that normally grows in livestock fields... but I don't have a clue.

Its HUGE - like 8 feet tall at least. Some kind of thistle?

Its tried to come up in the same place twice now - this year I just let it grow. For a while I thought it was that Mullein that Ginny was so happy to find (and that Cecil heroically harvested).

But then it got these spiky kinda things on them. Who can ID this monster for me - and can I do anything wit it???

In other news, I've probably driven about 400 miles since last Thursday's duck rendezvous. I have to tell you - people are crazy. Mostly I drive down to our little town at about 35mph and its only about 6 miles one way. The rest of the time I'm a passenger but we still never really go anywhere. So when I got on the freeway I was shocked that everyone was driving so fast! And people are crazy!

I used to drive a lot and never really minded. And yeah, I drove a little fast too. When we are were on our epic drive out here from the Left Coast I rolled over 99,000 miles on my beloved (now gone) Explorer. Right as the odometer clicked over I was going about 90 mph, uphill,  tossing mahalo's out the window to the long haul boys as I blew past them somewhere in Idaho. Now, I poke along in the big work truck waving to the Amish guy that will probably beat me into town in his buggy being pulled by Ol' Gluefactory.

Anyway. I'm pretty sure most folks are nuts - or maybe its just us. I'm thinking about the contrasting meals I shared with two very different kinda people. The first with a fellow Farm Pirate - the both of us eating like inmates shoveling in plates of fried chicken and coleslaw like we hadn't eaten in a week. The talk was about our farm butchering schedules and our outrage at all the new laws to "help" us. The next was with regular people.  They showed me their fancy phones while eating around the served food because several of them had dietary restrictions due to health problems. And why were we wasting our time growing our own food? Wasn't it expensive? Wasn't it just cheaper and easier to buy it in the store so we would have more free time?

I drove back to the farm as fast as I could.

That's my story today. Stay cool - its a hotsy totsy out there already! We have a heat advisory, do you? 100* here we come!

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