Cake. What else would you do with strawberries?

Whatcha having for breakfast? A pop-tart? Maybe some kind of egg-o-muffin thingy? Guess what I'm having?

Cake. It's what's for breakfast.

Cake. White cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting. That's what I'm talkin' about.

Yesterday I was stuck in the house because of the heat. Me, with an empty oven and a few too many strawberries pretty much means "cake." I'm an equal opportunity baker, its not always about pie.

I found the white cake recipe here. See that you use four egg whites - the lack of yolks makes the white cake white. I'll be making a custard with the yolks. This is probably one of the few pastry recipes that I would not automatically reach for a duck egg. Duck eggs have huge yolks - but very little "white" - so instead I used the biggest chicken eggs I could find.

The filling and frosting recipes listed in the cake link were just too weird. I mean, why would you ruin it with canned pineapple?  And I don't have any idea what "envelopes of whipped topping mix" are but that sounds weird.  And fake too. Heck, if you're having cake you should just go with butter and cream and all that.

So I used the recipe for cream cheese frosting that I found here. For the filling I had a little bit of strawberry topping from the pie the other day.  But really all I did was cook the berries down a bit with a little thickener.

So enjoy that dry bagel or cereal bar...I'm having another slice of cake.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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