Radish flowers and bushwacking

Does anyone have any idea why my radishes went straight to bolt?

I went out to find these lovely flowers and no radishes. All I've wanted since last year is a fresh radish and butter sandwich but alas...no hap-snappy radishes. Luckily I started another patch so hopefully they will be ready soon.

A few other things blooming in the garden.....

Peas are poppin'

Catmint is blooming.

And this is one of my favorite roses - Graham Thomas (a David Austin rose).
In other farm news, we are tackling the project of busting thru The Impenetrable Forest to make the new pig yard. Their current, small, holding yard has been picked clear so they need to move on to a newer space.

My trusty brushhog/mower/weed whacker.
Most of our property is treed - and not just treed, but lots of scrub brush, poison ivy, and the ugliest pine trees you could ever imagine. Its not a good use of the space. And since the forest comes right up to our existing goat, chicken, and turkey yards - it allows any and all predators to have a great seat next to the action (and an easy get away). I'm on a mission to get those son's-o'-golly-whats to leave my poultry alone - so the pigs are gonna help us do some clearing. 
Pigs usually like rooting around and its a great way to do double duty. We use the pig's natural rototilling and brush "hogging" abilities to clear out areas that we can later plant. And with them out there free ranging we save on feed. I'm always amazed at what they will eat - branches, those wild roses, blackberries, small trees - you name it. 
We can have them a bit further away from the house now that they are big enough not to be easily carried off by predators.  And having them in the trees is also a great way to keep them cool. So its a great solution all around.
Unfortunately we have to mow and weed whack down all long the fenceline so we can run the electric. I've been bushwhacking with the mower. Today I had to use a hammer to fix the blade. It worked. Hopefully we can get the field fence up in the next couple of days. We are headed for some hot hot weather and having the pigs in the shade will be good for everyone. 
Stay cool, everyone! And have a great Tuesday!

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