Because they just keep getting cuter.....

This is what I found yesterday when I went to check on my momma duck and her babies....

They just keep getting cuter. The little black and yellow one is still much smaller than they others but he's trying to catch up. They are full of fun and happily peeping all around.

This is our last cool morning then the heat will be blazing. They already issued heat advisories and all kinds of weather warnings for tomorrow. We might hit 100*!  Then we'll be in the 90*'s for a while. And there is no real rain in sight.

The other day it occurred to me that I'm already done with the heat... and then it dawned on me that we still have three more months of hot weather. Drat. There will be some pretty fancy footwork here in the next couple days trying to keep everyone cool and watered.

Happy last cool morning everyone! Here comes the summer!

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