What's the word, Nibs?

Hey Nibbles! What's the word - how's that attitude of yours?

There you have it.  Lookin' good, Nibs...  You can't tell from picture but she is thrilled that spring is coming along.

Yesterday the goats were all running and jumping and kicking up their heels. I think they can tell we are "over the hump" and headed toward spring. They had some spring in their step and spent the day meandering around in their yard.

We spent the day gawking at our maple tree taps. The sap was just flying right out of them. By the end of the day we had about six gallons! We'll be cooking that down later this week - I'm super excited.

But um.. here is a weird thing. We tapped a couple trees down past the pond (and the pigz) and we found these scratches on the trees. Sooooo....anybody wanna guess and who or what made them?

I have a feeling this summer our #1 Priority will be to fence off the bond and string up a lot of electric hot wire....and expand the dog's patrol area. 

Happy Monday everyone! Any body else excited that spring is on the way?

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