Doesn't Matter - Got the Mole

She got it alright......

Kai and Zander spent about an hour digging a mole out of this spot the other day. It's a big hole....for a small mole. Doesn't matter - she got that mole and sent it to it's doom.

Now if they could only rid the back of the property of whatever was scratching on that tree from yesterday.....

The most popular guesses of what was making those scratches were:

* a bear
* some kind of big cat
* chupacabra

I'm really hoping its not a bear. It is a fact that I moved to Ohio because this state wasn't supposed to have any bears. So I hoping it was just a big squirrel. Or a raccoon. I'm still kind of freaked out and we are still going to do a lot of fencing.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Anyone else have mole killers on their team?

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