Meet my new employees......

They are runner ducks and they look like bowling pins! Score!

Aren't they hilarious? They are my new company men - they'll follow me around during day and be all "yes ma'am" and "aint that right" and "that's a brilliant idea!"...this bunch will be my "yes men" for sure. Right now they are terrified, but tomorrow we'll issue them employee badges, make them sign non-disclosures, and get the a cubicle... I mean.. coop.

Kai thinks they look delicious and Titan even lost him composure laughing at their little squeaky toy noises. OD and his crew were also very interested in them.

We had to take our momma goose, Cindy, off her failed nest earlier this week. With no little ones to take care of the geese are a little confused right now. They have such a strong instinct to raise babies that they don't know what to do with themselves. So the peeping noises made the geese all gather around. It would be great if they geese really did take them on - then I wouldn't have to worry about these little ones at all. But we'll see.

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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