Gearing Up for the FTE

Does everyone have their storm preps done? At this writing (Thursday night) the Big Storm of Doom is stretching all the way back to the Dakotas and all the way down to Louisiana. They are already cancelling school - lots of schools.  There is only one thing to do - declare an FTE.

Sooooo much butter and syrup.....

That's right - a French Toast Emergency.  That's when everyone panics and runs out to buy bread, milk, and eggs...everything you need to make french toast.

This was a fabulous breakfast.

It's still my favorite joke. Seriously. My most hilarious friend told me the FTE joke and I can't get enough of it. Or french toast for that matter... and us with all that maple syrup.

The syrup was from our first batch made over the campfire. I added a drop of cream while cooking.

Unfortunately the freezing rain is no joke and we expect up to a quarter inch of ice to coat everything. Hopefully by the time you read this we still have power. The storm should push off by noon on Friday so here's to hoping.

I kinda like an FTE every once in a while. But only for the french toast.

The last time we lost power due to ice we were down for 4 days. We are ready tho. We have our winter storm preps done and we are ready to Defeat the Four Horsemen of Ice Storm of Doom 2013. To make extra sure we went and got another load of firewood earlier in the week. We may end up not using most of it until next year because I'm just sure spring is going to be coming soon... but that's OK. If we end up without power for a while we'll need all that wood to stoke the cook fire so we can have plenty of french toast.

Good Luck everyone! Did anyone else actually make french toast?

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