Flowers for Leontien

I'm always late to the party but eventually I get there. Did everyone see A Rural Journal's project, Flowers for Leotien? I just found it and had to get in on the action....

Leotien is a fellow blogger over at Four Leaf Clover Tales - she has an amazing story. She is a hilariously funny and beautiful person with an amazing story. I first met her when I read about her tale, "Mouse Hunt in Granny Pants." Its epic. A must read for everyone. And then go check out how she got here. Wow!

Leotien is battling cancer. ARJ set up a linky for folks to send Leotien virtual flowers so I'm sending bunches of sunflowers. We love you Leo and are sending you tons of hugs!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Now go hug everyone you know!

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